Competitive Electrolyzer Converters


Green hydrogen produced with clean electricity is seen as one of the critical enablers for the global transition to sustainable energy and net-zero emissions economies. Consequently, a significant increase in the utilisation of electrolysis technologies is predicted.

Recently, several electrolyser projects in many countries have been announced and huge growth in the number of projects is expected. Additionally, the size of the projects is expected to grow significantly. With the increased size of the electrolysers the power electronics used in them have become one of the key elements for affordable clean hydrogen production. With large plant sizes in the range of 100 MVA and up, the interconnection of the electrical power converter with the power grid becomes essential. Furthermore, power electronics enabling high efficiency and low capital cost are required.

In ComElCo power electronics converters for electrolyzers with improved efficiency, low cost, and provisions for grid services are developed.


  1. The main objective of ComElCo is to develop power electronics converters for electrolysers with improved efficiency, low cost, and provisions for grid services
  2. ComElCo develops power converters, which together with electrolyser stacks can provide improved system efficiency (lower OPEX)
  3. Focus of ComElCo is in 5+MW converters
  4. The aim is to use both a physical build and virtual concept to test the developed solutions

Expected results/impact

  • Understand converter requirements for future large-scale electrolysers
  • Determine best power/converter topologies
  • Develop converter models suitable for PtX system level simulations
  • Demonstrate grid integration and optimal control that brings value from grid services
  • Validate figures of merits in (a scaled down) converter + electrolyser demonstrator
  • ComElCo key indicators
    • Projected cost and efficiency figures from both the real and the virtual builds
    • Reviewed against the roadmap goal of 2€/kgH2


Laura Frisk

Research Manager


12 M DKK




June 2022


2½ Years


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