Innomission II

Green Fuels in Transport and Industry (Power-to-X, etc.)


The vision for the MissionGreenFuels partnership is to contribute substantially to the Danish, European and global climate goals, specifically 70% reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050, and to support Danish research, innovation, growth, jobs and export potential within the field of green fuel.


≈280 M DKK




June 2022


Green fuels are essential for the green transition, as they form an essential piece in the puzzle that is the sustainable carbon cycle of the future and link different energy vectors to each other providing a holistic platform upon which to ensure flexibility, optimal use of resources and socioeconomic transparency.

Historically, green fuels have been biofuels of different sorts, but as we have become wiser and have had experiences with these fuels, we have learned that not all biofuels are green fuels, nor do they necessarily have to derive directly from biomass or even contain carbon. We have also learned, that once new fuels are introduced into the value chain, they are very difficult to get rid off again even though they in some cases are more GHG intensive than the classic fossil fuels.

In order not to repeat history, the MissionGreenFuels partnership addresses the challenges of green fuels in a focused and coordinated way, using the roadmap to align and guide research and innovation activities, and ensuring knowledge sharing that identifies and builds on synergies whilst avoiding lock-ins.


The vision for the MissionGreenFuels partnership is to contribute substantially to the decarbonization of the transport, aviation and shipping sector and to support Danish research, innovation, growth, job creation and export potential within the field of green fuels. The partnership will accomplish this by

  • Industrialisation and upscaling of flagship projects to support further acceleration of green fuels in order to create independency of fossil fuels
  • Carrying out research, innovation and demonstration activities within the prioritized areas of the roadmap
  • Monitoring national and international developments and update roadmap objectives accordingly
  • Building an agile, dynamic and inclusive mission-driven partnership committed to deliver together over the next five years and beyond
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing and carrying out partnership strengthening activities
  • Securing a portfolio of projects where cross-fertilisation across the individual projects is a priority to secure learning and development
  • Establishing cross-cutting initiatives in the partnership ecosystems as well as outside the partnership i.e. to the other Innomissions to work towards green transition.
  • Defining prioritized topics and areas for new research and innovation activities and work to secure additional funding for these
  • Engaging with relevant national and international stakeholders across the full scope of pathways identified in the roadmap
  • Reaching success depends delivering on cohesion: the partnerships ability to unite forces, minds, ideas and willpower, to work differently and to impact society rapidly.


The MissionGreenFuels partnership is one of four InnoMissions and focus on how to fulfil the Danish, European and global climate goals, specifically 70 % reduction by 2030 and net zero by 2050 by decarbonizing the transport, aviation and shipping sector through green fuels.

Hear about the four missions in the video below (created by The Innovation Fund Denmark)

Project Portfolio

The MissionGreenFuels project portfolio is divided in three strategic research and innovation areas, referred to as workstreams where green fuels are essential for the green transition. The combined contribution from the project portfolio, are selected to secure the most significant contribution to the goals defined in the MissionGreenFuels roadmap.

The three workstreams are:

1. Technologies

2. Infrastructure/P2X plants/sector coupling

3. Business and market development and acceptance

Pool 1 Projects


Digitalization and Test for Dynamic and Flexible Operation of PtX Components and Systems


Green H2 and MeOH in DK - realizing cost leadership and scalability

Pool 2 Projects


Sustainable Aviation Fuels: Passenger, Public and Stakeholder Perceptions

The Partnership:

The Partnership consists of more than 90 partners across large industrial members, SMEs, universities and GTS/knowledge institutions.

What is an Innomission??

Innomissions - Mission-driven green partnerships

The government has allocated DKK 700 million for investment in mission-driven green partnerships. The Innovation Fund Denmark’s will invest the DKK 700 million in one or more partnerships during each mission. 

The four missions are:

  1. Capture and storage or use of CO2.  Link here
  2. Green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X, etc.)
  3. Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production. Link here
  4. Circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles. Link here

To read more about the background for the Innomissions click here

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