The MissionGreenFuels Secretariat

The Secretariat  is responsible for:

    1. Dynamic portfolio management
    2. Process and decision support to the Board of Directors and other governance bodies
    3. Initiation of cross-cutting initiatives in collaboration with partnership
    4. Management of communication and outreach focusing largely communicating the mission roadmap as to enhance the communication of the mission objectives and activities.
    5. Project administration 
    6. Responsible for ongoing coordination with the Innovation Fund Denmark 

Our Secretariat​

Meet our Secretariat

Carina Jensen

Partnership Director, AAU

Partnership Director for MissionGreenFuels

Karin Rosen Christensen

Administrative coordinator

Administrative coordinator for MissionGreenFuels

Lasse Rosendahl

Professor, head of department, AAU

Technical Project Lead

Sandra Schnoor

Communication Consultant

Communication consultant for MissionGreenFuels

Demet Kizil

Project Manager, Energy Cluster Denmark

Ensuring focus on innovation, value chain building, cross fertilization and commercialization activities

Anne Marie Damgaard

Head of Secretariat, DAcES

Ensuring focus on research and partnership cross fertilisation

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